Seminar für Makroökonomie



Josef Forster

Dr.oec.publ. Josef Forster

Weitere Informationen

Seit 2008 bei der Firma Deloitte.

Research Interests

Credit Rating Agencies, Bank Regulation, Financial Market Stability, Monetary Economics

Working papers

Credit Rating Agencies and Financial Market Stability, 2007

Costly Bank Capital - Demand and Supply Side Considerations, 2007 (joint work with Katri Mikkonen)

The Optimal Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies, 2008, University of Munich, Discussion Papers in Economics 2008-14


Übungen zur Makroökonomie, 2004, 2nd ed. 2006, Pearson Studium (joint with S. Sauer and U. Klüh)

Essays on the Economics of Credit Rating Agencies and Banking, 2008, PhD-Thesis, University of Munich

Der Markt für Kreditbewegungen braucht dringend mehr Wettbewerb, Börsen-Zeitung, 26 March 2008 (with Gerhard Illing)

Seminars and Conferences:

ifo Workshop "Makroökonomik und Konjunktur", Dresden, November 2006

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association (NOeG 2007), Klagenfurt, May 2007

XII. Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE 2007), Hamburg, May 2007


CESifo Economic Studies


Summer Term 2008 VWL II (Macroeconomics)

Winter Term 2007/2008 Globalisation of Financial Markets

Summer Term 2007 VWL II (Macroeconomics)

Winter Term 2006/2007 VWL II (Macroeconomics)

Winter Term 2005/2006 VWL II (Macroeconomics), New Keynesian Macroeconomics

Summer Term 2005 VWL II (Macroeconomics)

Winter Term 2004/2005 VWL II (Macroeconomics), Bank Regulation

Summer Term 2004 Current Approaches to Monetary Policy

Winter Term 2003/2004 VWL II (Macroeconomics)

Advised Theses

The Banking System in China - structural problems and reform approaches

The Development of the Banking Sector in South-Eastern Europe - a Comparison with other Transformation Countries

Exchange Rate Policy in China - Development in the past and perspectives for the future

Monetary Policy Strategies in Transfomation Countries: Intlation Targeting vs. Currency Board

Credit Rating as an Instrument in Financial Market Regulation - Theoretical Aspects and Implementation in Practice

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